im likin' that (;
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im likin' that (;

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Three main reasons a girl will stop texting back. One: You said something that pissed her off. Two: You just started to get boring. Three: She just fell asleep(:

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I hate it when I get in trouble, and my parents tell the entire family!

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The feeling when you’re so screwed you don’t even care anymore.

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Reblog if you sometimes you lay in bed, and debate whether or not it’s worth getting up to pee.

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I’m not mean, I just say what everybody else keeps in their head.

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Reblog if you make up nicknames for people you don’t know, but see all the time.

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A true Girlfriend wouldn’t ask there boyfriend to throw away his Xbox, she’d sit by him trying to learn it

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Don’t you hate it when you’re txting lying down on your bed and all of a sudden your phone decides to be ninja and slips through your hands and attacks your face?

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Reblog if you miss the days when you could safely push someone into a pool, now you gotta worry about the ipod, the cellphone, maybe a psp, you push someone in, it costs you $939.

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